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I know because I've been there. Not only am I a Certified Professional Trainer & Behavior Consultant - I'm also a mom.

This is my crew - back in the day. -->

I know how busy you are. So I've cut out all the fluff and give you want you need to get results.

I don't have time for what doesn't work - and I know you don't either.

The Essential ENLIGHTENED Dog -
Course curriculum

4 private training sessions
One 4 week group class
digital course

Gives you everything you need - and then some - to get
the dog you imagined

Keep your dog safe and you sane

  • 1


    • Welcome To Basic Training

  • 2


    • The Training Mindset -

    • Dog Training FUNdamentals -

    • Basic Commands Demo

    • How To Reward

    • How To Reprimand

  • 3

    The Essential Puppy Group Class

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #1

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #2

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #3

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #4

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #5

    • The Essential Puppy Group Class #6

  • 4

    Fun & Games

    • Just For Fun Agility Class #1

    • Just For Fun Agility Class #2

    • Just For Fun Agility Class #3

  • 5


    • Socialization While Isolating

  • 6

    Potty Training

    • Housetraining Guide.

    • Fast & Easy Housetraining

    • busy moms guide to house training

    • Housetraining Chart

    • The Potty Training Principles Webinar

  • 7

    Separation Anxiety

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Separation Anxiety

  • 8


    • Chewing

  • 9

    Play biting / Bite Inhibition

    • Playful biting & How To Teach Bite Inhibition

  • 10

    Jumping & Attention Seeking

    • Jumping & Attention Seeking

  • 11


    • Barking

  • 12

    Leash Walking 101

    • Leash Walking

  • 13

    Secrets To A Great Dog Series - Why your training isn't working

    • Before getting started

    • Welcome to secrets

    • #1 secret.

    • Secret #2

    • Secret #3

    • Secret #4

    • Secret #5

    • Secret #6

    • Secret #7

    • Secret #8

    • Secret #9

    • Secret #10

    • Secret #11

    • Secret #12

  • 14


    • 3 Steps To Change ANY Behavior

    • 8 things every dog owner should know

  • 15

    Bonus Articles

    • 7 steps to chosing a dog

    • 10 ways to exercise your dog

    • Buy a ticket

    • Top 10 Training Tips

    • the power of play

    • 5 reasons your dog doesn't listen

All for just an investment of

Frustrated & Struggling With Your Dog's Behavior??

We can stop the madness

Fast Results.
Within ONE session you will see a huge difference.

Does your dog -

* Pull on leash?

* Bark on walks?

* Jump on your friends?

* Pee on your rug?

* Ignore you?

* Just generally embarrass you?

Stop apologizing for your dog. Start really enjoying him.

Enjoy Your Dog Again! ​

You don't have to go it alone. We can help! ​

Tired of yelling at your dog?

Learn how to effectively communicate and teach your dog what you what him to do.
no more yelling

About Cindy

Cindy Scott is a certified master trainer, behavior consultant, author, AND mom

She founded Dogs Etc. Dog Training in 1997 with the simple mission – to enrich dogs’ lives.

But it really started way back in 1989 when she lost one of the loves of her life – her little cockapoo Pepper who was killed by a car.

Heartbroken, she tried to make sense of why the conventional training she had done failed her. A psychology major at the time she was studying operant and classical conditioning. Why was this not applied in dog training instead of punishment training?

It then became her mission – ok obsession – to share these more effective, easier and funner training techniques with all dogs and their owners. Her dedication to training dogs is my way of honoring her beloved Pepper. Every dog that she helps is a tribute to her.

Using only positive, reward-based training techniques that are based on scientific learning theory you can easily and effectively modify any behavior. Using these techniques makes training both fun and effective.

* Almost 30 years professional experience

* Veterinarian Recommended

* Master Trainer

* AKC Evaluator

* American Behavior College Mentor

Just one crazy Orange County girl with a dream and an obsession for dogs. ​

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