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Meet Your Trainer

Master Certified Trainer & Behavior Specialist

Cindy Scott is a certified master trainer, behavior consultant, author, AND mom.

She founded Dogs Etc. Dog Training in 1997 with the simple mission – to enrich dogs’ lives.

But it really started way back in 1989 when she lost one of the loves of her life – her little cockapoo Pepper who was killed by a car.

Heartbroken, she tried to make sense of why the conventional training she had done failed her. A psychology major at the time she was studying operant and classical conditioning. Why was this not applied in dog training instead of punishment training?

It then became her mission – ok obsession – to share these more effective, easier and funner training techniques with all dogs and their owners. Every dog that she helps is a tribute to her.

Using only positive, reward-based training techniques that are based on scientific learning theory you can easily and effectively modify any behavior. Using these techniques makes training both fun and effective.

* Almost 30 years professional experience

* Veterinarian Recommended

* Master Trainer

* AKC Evaluator

* American Behavior College Mentor

Just one crazy Orange County girl with a dream and an obsession for dogs. ​

Enjoy Your Dog Again


Enjoy Your Dog Again

You don't have to go it alone. Let a certified trainer/behavior specialist guide you step by step.

And start really enjoying your dog.