Master Trainer & Behavior Consultant Presents ~

90 Day Immersion to
Transform your little beastie into your best friend

dog driving you crazy?

not sure where to even start?

here's your step by step program to transform your "bat out of hell" into a well-behaved butterfly

Learn how to communicate with LOVE not fear.

Stop feeling like exhausted and overwhelmed with your dog's behavior.

Shift from feeling frazzled and frustrated with your dog and into an inner space of deep joy, peace, and happiness which will keep you smiling even in the face of your dog's wrong choices.
Find fun and joy in your life with your dog as you drop the stress and overwhelm.

I've been a professional trainer & behavior consultant for over 30 years. I've successfully used these techniques on 1,000s of dogs over the years.

AND I use them everyday on my own dogs. I know they work.
They will work for you too.
BUT ...
the catch is - you have to do it.

still struggling with your dog's behavior?

fed up with -
cleaning up pee? listening to endless barking? getting yanked down the street on walks?

If you are ready to get the peaceful walks, quiet snuggles and doggie kisses you envisioned - then this program is for you.
It's time to stop the madness and get the dog of your dreams.

Picture this:

you and your dog

* having long peaceful walks in your neighborhood

* Loving quiet snuggles on the couch watching tv together

* Easily opening the front door to greet visitors

* Enjoying off leash walks on the beach together

* Trips together to lunch, coffee, breweries and shopping

* Easy comes - every time!


MUTTAMORPHASIS is a 12 week journey that includes:

6 LIVE weekly group trainings via ZOOM
6 additional weekly coaching calls
Online digital course
Private FaceBook page community

  • 1
  • 2

    Start Here

    • The Training Mindset -

  • 3

    Module 1

    • Dog Talk - How to effectively communicate with your dog

  • 4

    Module 2

    • Leash Walking 101

  • 5

    Module 3

    • The Core Four

  • 6

    Module 4

    • Behavior Buster

  • 7

    Module 5

    • Tools & Equipment - The best - and worst - dog products

  • 8

    Module 6

    • Real World Training - keeping your dog safe and you sane

  • 9

    Module 7

    • Games & Play training - Keep it going and help your dog reach his full potential while having a blast

  • 10

    Module 7

    • Potty Principle

  • 11

    Module 8

    • Separation Anxiety - Solve & Prevent

What You'll Get:

  • module 1

    Dog Talk
    How to effectively communicate with your dog. How to reward, how to reprimand. The 2 ways to teach ANY behavior/command.
    VALUE $597

  • Module 2

    Leash walking 101
    How to teach your dog to walk nicely next to you. Off leash options and prevent/treat reactivity.
    VALUE $225

  • Module 3

    Behavior Buster
    The 3 step process to change ANY problem behavior. Chewing, digging, barking, jumping this process solves them all and more.
    VALUE $575

  • Module 4

    The Core Four.
    How to teach and use the 4 most common commands you will use everyday.
    VALUE $997

  • Module 5

    The best and the worst training tools. Learn the best equipment to use and how to use it correctly.
    VALUE $225

  • Module 6

    Safety & Real World Training.
    Keep you dog safe. Door dashing, Emergency Come, Leave it, Car safety.
    VALUE $997


    Potty Training
    Learn the 6 steps to successfully house train your puppy or adult dog.
    VALUE $1200


    Separation Anxiety
    How to prevent and resolve separation anxiety. Teach your dog to actually like to be left home alone.
    VALUE: $225

  • TOTAL VALUE: $5616

what people are saying

“your training has made a world of difference with Ember. We are continuing to work with her constantly. She is so sweet and anxious to please us. Thank you. We recommend you often.”

Ember the lab

“Pierre is the love of our lives. He has brought so much joy and happiness into our home, it is incredible.
What I have gleaned from your book and from the classes have been invaluable.
I will never forget your emphasis on the came "come" and the need to get that one down. I am happy to report he as improved so much in this area. I appreciate your instruction on making your dog work for a treat and how much more fulfilling it is for them. Thanks so much for all you do for those of us who love our dogs and want the very best for them! ”


“SASHA - Sasha and I were out for our normal morning walk and she suddenly decided to chase a car. She pulled the leash from my hand and ran after the car. I yelled, "Sasha come!" and she immediately stopped, turned around and ran back to me. Without Cindy's excellent training we could have had a very bad outcome.”



Why Me?

Not Every Coach/Trainer -

* Has over 30 years professional experience in applying the strategies they teach
* Is a mom with human children and decades of real world experience
* Will give you a step-by-step PROVEN strategy
* Is recommended by veterinarians
*Reiki certified
* Is an American Behavior College Mentor making them a Master Trainer.
Why Me?

Bonus material

Extra support at no extra price

  • Lifetime Access

    $1997 value

    Lifetime access to digital online course to reference as much as you'd like.

  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls

    $1250 value

    6 x 60 minute live group coaching calls to keep you on track and give you the support you need.

  • Private FaceBook Group

    $975 value

    Membership access to the ZEN Dog private FaceBook group so that you can get continued support from our amazing community.

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Life Changing Benefits

you can expect from this course

* Discover how to effectively communicate with your dog

* Why what your doing may be confusing your dog and how to teach him what you want

* The biggest saboteur of your training efforts and how to correct them

* How to shift your current beliefs to automatically train your dog

* Why long training sessions are never the answer and can actually make behavior WORSE

* How to forge deep connection to your dog

* The proven methods to teaching long lasting, consistent behaviors

* Discover the one thing you must do if you want to get a well behaved dog - for life.

* The real reason you aren't seeing the results you want and how to make changes now.

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